See the distance of space. Epic, but down to Earth, see a typical scene:
A dog and her man, a swampy forest near a lake, lapping waves sound in the distance.
There: see a dry patch, a set tent, blue like the sky. Clouds pass. Night comes on.
An early morning, rainy and they are set to go. Catch a ride a ways, stories told of old rebel ways.
Visit friends, cook some food, drink some wine, play some tunes.
Back to camp, check over things, make sure no damage done.
Pole in shed for fishing and box for fixing. Radio plays out a jazzy tune.
The dock seems nice, sleep wrapped in mummy bag, wake to sparkling water.
Logs to chop, make good fire wood, tools away and mess cleared up.
Canoe out, see the lake from the surface. A banjo to play. The fire burns.
A friend visits, doesn’t stay long.
Time passes. On to new adventures, float off to the reaches.
LOW SOUNDS BY THE SHORE, a film of simple beauties, moments of connection and shared comforts.
Watch, listen, stay a while. Thanks for visiting.